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Brand new member in beautiful, free Wyoming

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Hi there.
After assembling a couple of ARs and getting back into firearms, I decided to join a Forum. There are a few out there but the first one I saw was Guess what? they don't allow you to be a member if you have an email account from Yahoo or Gmail, the two that I use. So I guess y'all are stuck with me.

My Father is a 23 year Marine Veteran. I was raised with a strong sense of patriotism Every male member of my family on both sides has served in the military. I was taught the proper handling of firearms very early in my childhood and I have passed this down to my own children. I spent 13 years in the Marine Corps, 5 years as a Cheyenne, WY Police Officer and am currently serving in the Wyoming Army National Guard with a total combined time in service of 25 years.

I have attended the US Army's Armorers course and after that have become somewhat of a dabbler in simple gunsmithing. I consider myself rather knowledgeable in weapons handling, safety, tactics and beginner training. I'm just getting started learning how to build and modify firearms, so I'm willing to listen to anyone who seems to know what they're talking about. (with verification of course) I can usually tell when I'm being BSed with a little research.
I'm looking forward to reading and sharing anything that will benefit me or you.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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