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it has the Spikes Tactical logo on the lower, but,

no STI roll mark on the bolt or bolt carrier,
no STI roll mark on the barrel under the forearm grip,
no brandname buttstock
no spikes logo on top of the rail under the removable carry handle,
castle nut not staked

This was a cash deal from an individual who said the rifle is 6 years old. He told me the rifle was bought when spikes was first starting out. The guy I bought it from swears up and down the rifle came straight from Spikes. He also said its been fired 5 times and has been kept locked up. The rifle is very clean, there is just a slight amount of powder residue on the bolt and muzzle. And I am talking about a very, very small amount of powder residue. Either he did a great job cleaning the rifle, or it really has been fired 5 times.

Model number ST15
Serial # - 140XX (5 digital serial number)

Is it possible this is an early Spikes like what the guy said, or is it a spikes lower with some no-name upper?

The barrel is marked 5.56 NATO 1:7 between the front sight and the flashhider.

I have a couple of calls into Spikes Tactical customer support.

They said they were being overwhelmed with phone calls, so they took my number and said they would call me back.

Part of it is my fault because I did not take more time to look at the rifle.

Maybe this will help, the only marks I have found on the upper is a square on the right hand side, and the hammer is marked F2.


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The square on the upper is the foundry mark. This particular foundry mark is from Brass Aluminum Forging Co. This would be who the rifle builder bought their castings from. There are only a handful of foundries in the US who make upper and lower receivers. The gun I built with upper and lower from PSA has the same square foundry mark as yours but this still doesn't indicate who finished the receiver. If you can find out which foundry spikes buys their receivers from you will be in business. I don't know about spikes in particular but my older bushmaster and the rifle I built from scratch with PSA receivers neither one have any sort of identifying marks on the uppers (besides the foundry marks). My new Bushmaster made in Ilion NY and the older on made in Windham ME both say B MP 5.56 NATO on the barrels. (Bushmaster Magnetic Particle tested).

I guess the point in all of this is that I don't recall ever seeing any identifying marks on an upper other than the foundry marks, which really don't mean much and I doubt Spikes uses their own barrels either.

Here is a list of foundry marks:
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