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Firelaping is good for removing machine marks from factory barrels barrels. However I would never firelap and quality barrel as there are no machine marks in them. The benchrest shooters hand lap because it can be more easily controlled how polished they want the bore. The barrels they use are also of very high quality so there are not on real tight spots or machine marks that need to be removed through firelaping, also most custom barrels are hand lapped to begin with. A guy on SnipersHide reported "The throat was pushed .0012 by the abrasives." Now this is important in your precision rifle, but the mini is cut no where near that perfect to worry about that small throat damage.
I polished my mini's barrel with some tight fitting patches and some polishing compound I had. I dont know if it improved accuracy as I did this durring the break in period. Happy shooting -Carnifex :sniper:
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