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Black Warrior Muzzle Break on Mini 30 Shooting Lower

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I put a Black Warrior Muzzle Break on my mini 30 and now my shots are going low. I cant get my rear sight high enough to shoot on target. My windage is fine but I cant get my elevetion high enough. Im not using a scope, just my stock ranch sights. Is this a normal problem? What do I do to fix it? The rifle shot on target before the muzzle break. Do I need to get a rear sight that can be adjusted higher?

Thank You:ar15:
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Bushwack is correct there isn't a lot of elev on the Ranch rear sight as it comes from the factory. The muzzle brake by design will decrease muzzle flip, so your POI will be lower, but groups will be tighter.

I took off my rear sight, and using a dremmel or small needle file, increased the slots in the down direction so as to increase the up adjustment.

Now if you want more you can make a new blade. Obtain a flat piece of metal the "same thickness". Trace factory blade, only extend the base a little more, maybe 1/8" or so. Trim to fit. Drill peep hole same as factory blade, or size to suite. Dremmel adj. slots. Blue, or paint blade black.

Bushwacks idea is quicker and easier, but I couldn't do it to my new mini. Just don't remove too much, its tough to put back.
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