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Black Warrior Muzzle Break on Mini 30 Shooting Lower

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I put a Black Warrior Muzzle Break on my mini 30 and now my shots are going low. I cant get my rear sight high enough to shoot on target. My windage is fine but I cant get my elevetion high enough. Im not using a scope, just my stock ranch sights. Is this a normal problem? What do I do to fix it? The rifle shot on target before the muzzle break. Do I need to get a rear sight that can be adjusted higher?

Thank You:ar15:
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Make absolutely sure your bullet is not hitting the muzzlebrake on the way out. If that's not the problem try some ammo from a different source. If it still shoots low you can file down the front sight a little at a time until your rounds are landing about 1.5" high @ 100 yds. That should have you pretty close to your maximum point blank range for a 4" target out to around 250 yds. As people have said the Ranch rifle has a "Cheesy" rear sight & there is very little elevation adjustment in the first place. On mine I had to go maximun just to get on target.

Good luck
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