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Better Rear Sight WANTED

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I am hopeing someone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a better Rear Sight for my Mini... The factory (Plastic? seems sloppy (I can move the whole thing around by hand) and the clicks are too course for me. I also don't like the pinned turns, I'd rather they be dialed with postive clicks.

I want to preserve the military aspect as much as possible so I don't want any high tech plastic. What I really want is an M14 or M1 Style tooless adjustable rear peep. (Steel!)

If I can buy an M1 Garand Rear Sight will it drop right into my Mini without having to machine?

Can anyone point me to a Web page that might have something?

Thanks in adavnce!!!

Sgt. Shellback
1-113th / F trp
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Welcome to the forum Sgt Shellback. You can find several pages of posts on the sights, by clicking on the search button, in the upper right of your control panel. Enter rear sight, click on Mini-14 talk. Your key words will appear in Red. The names Williams, and Millet come to mind. Also I don't believe the M-1 sight will fit on your mini, without a lot of grinding. Let us know how your search goes.

Sgt I moved your post into the Mini-14 talk forum as almost all the posts concerning sights are in this forum.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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