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Better Rear Sight WANTED

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I am hopeing someone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a better Rear Sight for my Mini... The factory (Plastic? seems sloppy (I can move the whole thing around by hand) and the clicks are too course for me. I also don't like the pinned turns, I'd rather they be dialed with postive clicks.

I want to preserve the military aspect as much as possible so I don't want any high tech plastic. What I really want is an M14 or M1 Style tooless adjustable rear peep. (Steel!)

If I can buy an M1 Garand Rear Sight will it drop right into my Mini without having to machine?

Can anyone point me to a Web page that might have something?

Thanks in adavnce!!!

Sgt. Shellback
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Not sure about a good replacement for a standard Mini14, but the you can mount an M1 Carbine back sight on the Ranch Rifle in place of the issue fold down sight. Much better and simple to do.
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