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Better Rear Sight WANTED

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I am hopeing someone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a better Rear Sight for my Mini... The factory (Plastic? seems sloppy (I can move the whole thing around by hand) and the clicks are too course for me. I also don't like the pinned turns, I'd rather they be dialed with postive clicks.

I want to preserve the military aspect as much as possible so I don't want any high tech plastic. What I really want is an M14 or M1 Style tooless adjustable rear peep. (Steel!)

If I can buy an M1 Garand Rear Sight will it drop right into my Mini without having to machine?

Can anyone point me to a Web page that might have something?

Thanks in adavnce!!!

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I have a Williams FP sight on my rifle. It has finger adjusting target knobs that have a poitive click that is both audible and tactile. You can use any standard threaded shank aperture with it. It has all the windage and elevation range you'd ever need. It is NOT plastic. It is aircraft grade anodized aluminum_very tough. This is a target style sight and is of very good quality. My rifle is one of those that wears a heavy (.850x24") bbl and it was built as an NRA Highpower Match Rifle. And mine's a Ranch. That's the Williams FP-1187TK. For standard rifles its FP-Mini-14TK. An excellent target sight. Bear in mind I would not put this sight on a truck gun or any rifle I would be abusing. The sight is strong and positive but it is not a mil-spec rough duty sight.
I should mention that I went down the same road. I have an NM2A rear sight assembly that I purchased to adapt to the Mini. My idea was to take a demilled (torched in half at taxpayer expense) M-14/M1 receiver half and adapt it to mount to the Ranch Rifle. I have a nice back half of a Winchester M-14 sitting in the closet with the NM2A rear sight assembly. I could not engineer it. Several talented machinists I know could not engineer it. I'm praying that you find a way to do exactly what you want to do there, but I wanted to warn you that it won't be easy.
The #'s I reffered to (FP-Mini-14TK and FP-1187TK) are William's part #'s. The Williams website is absolutely worthless. Get them to send you a catalog. I bought mine directly from Williams by phone. Their tech people are very good and will answer any questions you may have. They answered a boat-load from me. Both sights I mentioned above are designed to work with the factory front sight or anything the same height. The FP-1187 is two holes drilled and tapped in the left side of your receiver (about where the safety warning is). I'm not 100% but I think the FP-Mini-14 is a drill and tap installation as well, as it goes in about the same place. I do know that the FP-Mini-14 does make use of the existing sight pan, that's why I'm not 100% on the holes. They have a picture of the sight on a standard rifle in their catalog. You'll see what I mean about mounting. If anybody wonders, the 1187 is listed for the 1187 shotgun (Remington) and the Ruger Ranch. Why anyone would use such a sight on an autoloading scattergun is beyond me. I have been thoroughly pleased with my sight for its intended purpose. I don't think it is an appropriate choice for a rugged SHTF rifle. I would stick with the factory or go with the Millet. But then again, the Millet is pretty much plastic isn't it?

The rifle is in the hands of my trusty accomplice at the moment. He's fabricating the riser type front sight base that will hold my Lyman globe sight. My rifle is competing with his Creedmoore-type .45-70 black powder cartridge target rifle for shop time right now though. He's been lusting to build one for years now, and I'm not about to stand in his way. If and when I ever do get it back from him, I'll start a thread in the Gallery. We initially made a quick and dirty copy of the three blade tactical sight offered by Accuracy Systems Inc. just to try out the new rear. It wasn't what I wanted. I may get crazy and add a spirit level someday...
Can a Mini-14 that weighs about 13lbs empty and scopeless be referred to as a 'mini' anything anymore?
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