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Better peep site

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I have a bit of renewed enthusiasm for my Mini-14 given that's working well for the moment. I have looked for after-market smaller aperature rear sites and have only located the Millet. It's actually nicer ( and more expensive) than what I really have in mind. I was wondering if there's a smaller peep site that just replaces the factory peep but still uses the standard mounting and adjustment system. Anyone know of something like that?
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If you have a ranch you can make a new leaf with the size orfice you want.

If you have a regular mini you can try this, (now don't blame me if it gets messed up, as this is an idea, not something I've done, but something I'd do if it were mine.) Measure the orfice with a drill bit, get a smaller drill bit that you would like for the orfice to be. Clean the orfice with alcohol, dry, then apply JB weld to fill the hole. Let dry over night, then sand down where its pretty, drill out the orfice with the smaller drill, check it out to see if its suits ya. If not do it again till it does. Now take a can of flat black spray paint, Now don't spray it on moma's table cloth! :eek: GO OUT SIDE to do it.! Touch it up with the flat black paint. Your good to go. ;)
When I went thru rifle training in the Marine Corp, they taught us to put the front sight at 6:00 to the bull. At 500 yds, the bull set on top of my front sight blade, an easy 10 out of 10 with the M-14.

Pin on a $20 muzzle brake (not a flash hider) on over your front sight, bed your stock, trigger job, select ammo your mini likes, use a sand bag, your mini should be near 3" groups using peep sights at 100 yds, 2" or less with a scope.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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