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Best place online for supplies, etc....

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Hi all,

I'm looking for an online store that has a good selection of supplies for my mini (sweet's, dewey rods, rod guides, etc) at decent prices. I have found places that have one of the above, but I don't feel like paying a lot in shipping on 5 small separate orders. Unfortunately, there isn't gun store around me that stocks this type of stuff.

Any ideas?
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I used to order from Midway all the time, back when they did not charge you shipping and handling. I think Larry Potterfield is feeling that backlashing quite a bit, but in personal emails from him, the volume buyers are his core business now, the pricing structure wasn't fair to them before.
So he lost a lot of my business. I am fortunate that I have a reloading shop fairly close, so I pay his bills now. If I need something ordered, he gets it cheaper than I could from them-used to be the other way around. Brownells is still a great source, with flat shipping charges.
What other kinds of things are you looking for? I can gather up some links for you if you can give me a better idea what types of things you are wanting? Reloading components, gunsmithing parts? Or just cleaning materials?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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