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best hanguard?

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Bushwack brought up a interesting point in Voruzon's Ultimak Thread. the factory handguard is plastic and therefore an insulator. so, regarding heat dissipation, which after market hand guard is best in this area?

i've only seen two. the Choates handguard and the style that Greybear has on that cute little gun of his.

Greybear's is all metal, isn't it?

does anyone have the choates handguard?

i'd like to hear any input regarding both or any other handguard i haven't heard of.
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Hey mtnwatcher, I've been thinking the same thing. ASI has several
But the only concern I have is they seem to expose the slide rod, I wonder what it would do to the fingers if you accidently grabbed it and fired? :eek: The origional one covers the slide rod.
Originally posted by mtnwatcher

you just gotta take a digital pic, size it(i'm not sure what the max size is for this forum.), save it in an acceptable format( most sites use .jpeg. i think it's the best one.), hit attach when you go to post, find the pic on your computer with the browse button, and it should show up.
You can take a pic. with any camera. Take it to walmart, and they will put it on a CD for ya. (It's now digital) The CD comes with size software. I just took a 35 mm pic, and scanned it, but it's kinda fuzzy. The fuzzy pic in the gallery of my mini will soon change to a high resolution digital pic. with my new camera.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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