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best hanguard?

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Bushwack brought up a interesting point in Voruzon's Ultimak Thread. the factory handguard is plastic and therefore an insulator. so, regarding heat dissipation, which after market hand guard is best in this area?

i've only seen two. the Choates handguard and the style that Greybear has on that cute little gun of his.

Greybear's is all metal, isn't it?

does anyone have the choates handguard?

i'd like to hear any input regarding both or any other handguard i haven't heard of.
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cajungo, the exposed op-rod is not a problem, my first mini i bought back in 1979 had the wooden handguard with the op-rod exposed, it was never a problem...(wish i still had that mini...) i'm on my 3rd mini-14 and it had the current issue handguard that hides the op-rod, i removed it and laid it on my table saw and very carefully removed the shroud that covers the op-rod, it looks nice, to me the way the mini is supposed to look, i always hated the way ruger made that ugly shroud, all it is there for to keep the company from being sued in case you get your finger pinched, but i have shot 1000's of rounds thru mini's with exposed op-rods with out getting a pinch, besides, the old garands and m-1 carbines dont have shrouds on their handguards, and by the way, i have a choate handguard that is black plastic, without the ugly shroud, it looks like the m-14 type but i dont really like it because it doesnt fit as tight as the ruger guard, thats why my factory hand guard made the trip to my table saw, i would post a pic if i only knew how.....
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