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best hanguard?

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Bushwack brought up a interesting point in Voruzon's Ultimak Thread. the factory handguard is plastic and therefore an insulator. so, regarding heat dissipation, which after market hand guard is best in this area?

i've only seen two. the Choates handguard and the style that Greybear has on that cute little gun of his.

Greybear's is all metal, isn't it?

does anyone have the choates handguard?

i'd like to hear any input regarding both or any other handguard i haven't heard of.
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I have the choate on my mini 30. THe exposed op rod does not cause any problem and it matches my hogue stock quite nicely.
The choate has wide open slots, it dissipates heat very well but keeps you from accidently touching the barrel and burning your hand.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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