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the best price i've been able to find from a week's search of the web for 7.62x39 ammo is at

Golden Tiger 124grn FMJ for $159.95 a 1000rd case. everybody else is $200+ for anything. Wolf, Bear, Tiger. even Hotshot. and half of them were out of stock. one site even said that Russia is not importing ammo to the US right now. i wonder if that is true or if they just wanna start a price war?

i ordered 3 cases. they also have a great deal on ProMag 30's. $12.95 for 5+. i ordered 10. yeah it put a hurtin' on the old MasterBlaster but if the democrats get in office we're gonna need all the stuff we can get right now.

SPARE PARTS! get 'em while you can. i even picked up a couple of untorched barrels at a nice price.
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