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best .22 auto loader

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do you think a 10/22 is the best .22 auto loader? i have a Marlin 795 .22, and its a pretty good gun in my opinion. i can shoot 5 shot groups that can be covered by a quarter at about 75 yards. i haven't shot a 10/22 though, so i cant compare.
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Hey Nate. I haven't fired a marlin, but from things I have read on them, Out of The Box, I believe the marlin is more accurate. However the Ruger 10/22 is so popular it has tons of drop in acc. The Ruger can be made to shoot consistant .5" groups at 50 yds. for not a lot of bucks. The bull match barrels such as the Green Mountain are drop in. I got mine for $87. The Laminated Fajun thumb hole stock was $83 unfinished. If you spend the bucks for a Volquartsen match barrel, with some other work you can shoot in the .2-.3" groups at 50 yds. There are mags up to 100 rds (drum type), Like the minis preban, folding stocks, With 2 10/22s you can make a gattling gun 800 rds/min. In short the Ruger is a great project gun. Now I will say it can remain stock, and be tuned like the mini-14/30 for not a lot of money, for better accuracy. The 10 shot rotary mags are very reliable. Just depends on what grabs ya. ;)
Welcome to the forum Trooper Danzig. I had a Rem 552 BDL I bought in 1968. I sold it last year, and kick myself for it still. It still looked new, but the Stevens 22 Made by Savage My dad got me in 1960 could out shoot it. I was lighting matches with it. My longest shot was a head shot on a crow at 147 yds. I sold it too. Still kicking myself.

I agree with ya on the scope. I have a tasco target scope I use, and at 50 yds. On 6 power I can see each bullet hit. I am ordering a Weaver mount for it, and have shim stock to shim the scope for long range. Am still tuning my 10/22, and trying to find the ammo it likes.
Hey Trooper Danzig. I didn't have a scope on my Rem. I only cleaned the bore, and used q-tips to clean the bolt area.

Since this is a Ruger 10/22 forum, I can talk more about how I clean my 10/22. I haven't had mine long, but it is so simple. I use fishing line to pull patches thru the bore. Coyote suguested Weedeater mono, it should be stronger. I clean the bore only most of the time. If I want further cleaning, one screw, and the barrel/receiver comes out. Punch out the trigger group pins, and you can get at everything. Barrel, and Scope stay mounted.
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