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best .22 auto loader

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do you think a 10/22 is the best .22 auto loader? i have a Marlin 795 .22, and its a pretty good gun in my opinion. i can shoot 5 shot groups that can be covered by a quarter at about 75 yards. i haven't shot a 10/22 though, so i cant compare.
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I have been shooting a Remington 552 speedmaster for years. I never knew how accurate that rifle was until i put a scope on it. I can hit pop cans out to 250 yards on a regular basis if the wind is not blowing. Head shot a squirrel at roughly 80 yards on the first shot. My rifle prefers federal hollowpoint 36 grain bullets. I am not a big time long range shooter but a good scope on any decent rifle will make the average shooter an accurate shooter. Iam curious as to if a ruger carbine will shoot as good as my remington without all the extra mods.
My only gripe about my 552 is that the barrel must be pulled from the reciever to clean the bolt and trigger assembly of the rifle so i loose the zero on the scope each time. Do you know of a way i can rezero the scope without having to go and shoot a few rounds to rezero the scope. Thought of putting a pistol scope on the rear sight so i wont loose the zero but then i will loose magnification power. Any ideas? I might buy a stainless marlin tube feeder as i can clean the bolt without pulling the barrel. I prefer a tube feeder to a magazine because i dont like to load .22 clips all day long and the 30 or 50 round mags are way too expensive now. What got me started on shooting my .22 at a long range was i used to find bottles and throw them in the river. The bank was roughly 40 foot above the water and the current would carry the bottles away pretty fast. Let the bottles go far enough to where i could barely see them then pull out the rifle and that scope made them look close. Used a lot of kentucky windage but once i got the range i could really do some awesome shots:sniper: Of course the american sniper from saving private ryan always gets me fired up when i see that movie:usa: Anyhow thats what i like to do when i go shooting.
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