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best .22 auto loader

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do you think a 10/22 is the best .22 auto loader? i have a Marlin 795 .22, and its a pretty good gun in my opinion. i can shoot 5 shot groups that can be covered by a quarter at about 75 yards. i haven't shot a 10/22 though, so i cant compare.
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Trooper Danzig : That is great shooting. 250 yards wow. Guess my 10/22 will not hold up to that. The drop on my 10/22 is so great at 250 yards I would have to hold the cross hairs so far off the pop can I would not be able to see it. Course here in Idaho the wind never quits blowing, so you have to deal with wind drift each and every time you shoot. 25 to 50 yards is all I can do with the 10/22 and say I get one ragged hole each and every time. Past that 50 yards mark, I suck. (Now hand me my 223 and line up the cans at 400 yards.) :confused:
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