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My wife decided she wanted my Firestorm .380, as she now feels comfortable carrying concealed and was ready for something better than the "starter" Hi-point 9mm I had orginally bought for her to practice with. Of course, I let her take it over, but that left me without a backup gun, and since my CZ is at XS sights (formerly A&O) getting big dot night sights, I had to purchase a replacement.

As the title of the post suggests, I purchased a new Beretta 9000S in .40S&W. It is perhaps a 1/4 longer than the Firestorm, noticably wider, and about the same weight due to the all polymer construction. It also holds a 10+1 and a larger caliber, though, and is about as concealable. The safety can be applied with the hammer up or down, and moving the safety up past "on" will decock the weapon. The safety is large and ambidextrous, and takes significant pressure to move, compared to ANY other safety I've used (CZ 40, Beretta 92F, Firestorm, Colt Commander, etc.) I've been carrying hammer down until I get used to that.

I tried a few at the store, and their seemed to be a bit of difference in the trigger on the .40S&W and the 9mm. The 9mm trigger was slightly heavier in DA and broke farther back. He only had one of each, so I don't know if this was an intentional difference for the calibers or just minor variation in the two weapons.

I've ran 200 rounds through it, and I seem to be getting more accurate with it than I was with the Firestorm, probably due to the thicker grip fitting my hand better. Recoil is not bad, like you might think it would be a in a small and light polymer frame, but the grip is so high on it the recoil seems very managable.

I was considering the Springfield XD 3", but the price on the Beretta was $390, and it seemed more suited towards what I wanted it for. An accessory rail on a 3" gun? Why bother? I got a $60 trade in on the 9mm Hi-point. Considering I gave $95 for it brand new, I don't think that's bad at all. Gunbroker shows the lowest price listed as $390, as well, with most of them in the $430 range.

The dealer told me Beretta recently dropped the prices on the 9000S just to undercut the Springfield XD. Both are small polymer pistols, the Beretta has a hammer where the Springfield is very "Glock-esque" with no external hammer, the trigger safety, but the addition of a grip safety as well. I'm satisfied with it, or as well as I can be after 200 rounds. This is my first polymer, so I just hope it holds up as well as the reputation says it will.
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