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Bedding questions......

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From what I understand, Brownell's Accraglas is kind of "runny".

Is it difficult getting it to stick to the sides of the stock for bedding the stock reinforcements?
Do you have to lay the stock on it's side, or will the glass stick well enough with the stock sitting upright?

I will probably start this next week.
Are there any detailed instructions for bedding a Mini?
I've found everything on this board, and this does seem to be the best resource.

Thanks in advance.
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Hey mini14jac. I used the gel (green box) it is very smooth, spreads on, and dosen't run. If you can get the video it will really help. Its about 2 hrs long, and shows every detail on beding, and replacing the gas port bushing. The procedure is too long to detail, in words, but : abraide, and clean the stock, plug all possible mechanical locks with model clay so you can take it back apart, apply 2 coats of release agent (comes with kit) to receiver, and trigger assy, bed the stock reinforcement to the stock, bed the stock reinforcement to the receiver, let set over night, take apart, and trim off squeeze out, checking magazine well, let harden for 4 days before shooting. Good luck. ;)
Hey mini14jac. The regular kit comes with a white powder you can mix with the jell to thicken it up. It is called flock, or micro balloon's.

Now don't sniff that white powder, its ground glass! :eek:
I test for accuracy with a scope, bench rest/bipod/sand bag to eliminate human error so I know what my rifle/ammo can do. So if I shoot different positions, and the groups open up I know how much is me, so I can work more on my technique.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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