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Bedding a 10/22

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Alright. I've never done this before. Got myself the Acraglas Gel and I'm gonna tackle it. However, I would like to see if you guys can give me some pointers on this. As you might remember, I have the Butler Creek composite stock. So I'm gonna have to do the sanding and cross drilling. Also, on top of this, the barrel channel is hollow. So I'm gonna have to fill a portion of it in order to be able to bed the barrel. Now as far as the action goes, my composite stock is really snug there, and I wouldn't be able to get any of the bedding material in between. That is, unless I take some material out from the stock. Is that necessary? How did you guys do it? I'd be especially interested in Coyote's knowledge, since I know he's got the Bell&Carlson composite stock.

This is a link Cajun has posted a few times, and I'm going by what the guy says to do. So far. :D Any reply will be greatly appreciated!

TheGermanGuy :sniper:
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Originally posted by TheGermanGuy
Thanks New Guy!

Is there a webpage to check out your tuner? And yes, you might have guessed it... I'm a cheap bastard. But that's only part of the reason why I wanna do everything I can myself. I really enjoy working on my 10/22. It's more fun than I ever thought it could be. And with the help of this forum, I'm slowly getting it to become a halfway decent shooter too! My brother in law is already wondering why I need it to shoot any more accurate. "You're hitting the 10 ring every time you shoot, so how much more accurate do you need to be??" is what he says. When I tell him that my group size needs to get smaller, he only shakes his head. Oh well. What can I say? I enjoy this stuff!!

TheGermanGuy :sniper:

P.S.: Maybe I should just use reeeeaaaally tiny targets for my brother in law, freak him out.... Ha!
I really dig this stuff too, thats why I had to have 2. :D

Hey for a small target that would really, really freak out your brother in law, when you get your 10/22 up to snuff, nail a dime on a board with the nail heads pinch holding the dime. At 50 yds, put 10 rds thru it, then give it to him:D I wonder if a a 22 LR would go thru a dime? I bet it would! Next time I go I'm gonna try it. :D
I found good tuner comparison and testing info using Google some time ago but don't have the address anymore. The bottom line was that various tuners are probably equal but the flush mount tuner has the advantage of avoiding fouling residue which may change the harmonics and it rarely needs cleaning. I happened to have the following address which has some interesting misc "stuff" on it:

I'm definitly like you two guys, always tinkering and experimenting. I even have a match in two weeks and I'm still messing with the thing:eek:
Hey, that's a great link New Guy! Personally I don't know how those kind of tuners work. Can anybody fill me in? Even though I don't think I'm gonna go down that road, I wanna at least know what they do. If you wanna know how much money I'm willing to spend, remember... I have a Butler Creek composite stock and a .720 barrel. Does that sound expensive? Didn't think so. :D It's still gonna shoot pretty damn respectable ( I hope ). And I might just win the "Bargain Shooter Prize". Maybe.

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GermanGuy, you may want to review this thread:
For cheap, I go to the range with cardboard hanging out from under my barrels. I get tickled when other guys do a double take when they see my beautiful rifle with the cardboard sticken out. A couple have asked me what thats for. Then I show em my dime size groups.

I'm designing a homemade tuner. Parts will total less than a buck. I'm am letting loose for a new camera soon. Will post a pic when I get the camera, and build the tuner.
As far as the tuner goes, I'm gonna try and do what the guy describes in the link I posted in the beginning of this thread. The tension screw with the brass collar in the stock and so forth. He seemed to be convinced of his little trick. Parts shouldn't exceed a dollar. But before I do that, I've gotta find some time to head out to the range and see if my groups have improved yet. They better!!!

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Ok. Took my Baby to the range. I can now shoot 1/2" groups on average @ 50yds with the Federal Ultra Match rounds. That is without any attempts to tune the barrel with the tension screw to the ammo. That project hasn't been finished. But the Ultra Match stuff is just too damn expensive for just plinking. I think I'll try and get the tension screw done and tune her to the Federal Target ammo, which didn't perform quite as well as the Ultra Match, but did alright and is alot more resonably priced than the Ultra Match. I mean... gee, like I'm ever gonna shoot match anyways!? There's a thought... :rolleyes:

ThegermanGuy :sniper:

This is just too damn much fun!!!
If someone at the range is showing off you can pull out your best ammo, and blow em away.

BTW. Im shooten .5" groups at 50 yd with K-mart dynapoints. $12 a brick. My range is torn up, and maybe that way for a few weeks, unless I lay out in the grass. If they don't hurry up I may do just that!

I guess I'm gonna have to build my tunner, as I can't seem to find the ole bug tuner.
@ I can buy 5 bricks of the Federal Target 711B for $119.00, while Federal Ultra Match would cost me $99.00 for 1 brick. Decisions, decisions....

Their shipping is free by the way. Great prices, but limited selections. Check it out, it's a fun site!

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Hey I found this tuner by Time Precision. Does anybody have any experience with these type tuners?

TheGermanGuy :sniper:
I don't have any experience with it, other than what I've read about it, and other similar devices. Benchrest shooters use similar tunners, so it must work. I just can't afford the bucks.
I'm with you Cajun. I read about them on Benchrest Central, and all those guys are using them. But there's a difference between me and competition shooters. I'm NOT shooting competition! And as nice as it is to have a super accurate rifle, I've gotta keep things in perspective. I'll see how my little tension screw works out. And if I can get 1/2" groups @ 50 with affordable ammo, I'll be happy as can be. I think... :D

TheGermanGuy :sniper:
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