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Bedding a 10/22

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Alright. I've never done this before. Got myself the Acraglas Gel and I'm gonna tackle it. However, I would like to see if you guys can give me some pointers on this. As you might remember, I have the Butler Creek composite stock. So I'm gonna have to do the sanding and cross drilling. Also, on top of this, the barrel channel is hollow. So I'm gonna have to fill a portion of it in order to be able to bed the barrel. Now as far as the action goes, my composite stock is really snug there, and I wouldn't be able to get any of the bedding material in between. That is, unless I take some material out from the stock. Is that necessary? How did you guys do it? I'd be especially interested in Coyote's knowledge, since I know he's got the Bell&Carlson composite stock.

This is a link Cajun has posted a few times, and I'm going by what the guy says to do. So far. :D Any reply will be greatly appreciated!

TheGermanGuy :sniper:
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I wasn't going to get involved with this but an alternative way of controlling barrel harmonics is a tuner like the flush mount carried by Hoehn Sales (Ron). You are going to need a GOOD torque wrench (inch lbs) to torque the takedown/action screw and/or bug tuner depending on the route you take. Guess it depends on how much $$$ you want to put into your project. To me the bug tuner is cool because it is a more stealth way to tune a barrel but you'll find many of the shooting organizations like the ARA using a variety of barrel mounted tuners. Best of luck to you.
I found good tuner comparison and testing info using Google some time ago but don't have the address anymore. The bottom line was that various tuners are probably equal but the flush mount tuner has the advantage of avoiding fouling residue which may change the harmonics and it rarely needs cleaning. I happened to have the following address which has some interesting misc "stuff" on it:

I'm definitly like you two guys, always tinkering and experimenting. I even have a match in two weeks and I'm still messing with the thing:eek:
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