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Here is a question I do not remember seeing here.

Why has Ruger not done anything to improve the barrel on the Mini-14?

I know there are things we can do to improve accuracy. Why not the manufacturer?
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even with all its shortcomings, in my opinion, the mini-14 is my favorite rifle that ruger builds i may even go so far to say that is the best rifle that ruger builds, (remember, just my opinion) i dont own a model 77, dont need one because im perfectly happy with the rem. 700 i bought back in '79, tho i have heard that the new 700 have suffered from quality control and i wouldnt own one with the stupid bolt lock safety. i suppose if i was in the market for a new bolt gun it would be a ruger 77. but i have to say that out of all the rifles i own, the mini-14 is one of the handiest, most fun to shoot and probably the most dependable i have. when i leave the place, its always in the rack in my jeep.
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