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Here is a question I do not remember seeing here.

Why has Ruger not done anything to improve the barrel on the Mini-14?

I know there are things we can do to improve accuracy. Why not the manufacturer?
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I think most of it is cost and politics, the bean counters weigh out how much more labor and materials are involved and that carries the day? I remember when old man Ruger went before Congress he backed the 10 rd magazine limit but didn't want the Mini 14s labeled as assault rifles. Actually Ruger could do so much more with these rifles in the factory but I feel like they think it will rock the boat. They seem quite content with subtle changes but little else. I think in today's climate they are scared to death to do too much, lest they get labeled an AW and create problems for themselves. This may also be the reason for the length of the mag release being changed. Here on the forum, we are into these guns, the average guy doesn't know, buys a hi-cap, it doesn't work and he thinks they're all crap and just shoots the PC magazines. No 'evil' hi-cap AW image on Bill's baby...? Ruger plays politics and such is way of corporate business.
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