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Here is a question I do not remember seeing here.

Why has Ruger not done anything to improve the barrel on the Mini-14?

I know there are things we can do to improve accuracy. Why not the manufacturer?
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i saw that brownell's had a higher mass replacement barrel for sale at one time. it was still in their catalog last ime i looked but it was marked 'discontinued'. they were selling it for about $90.
this was not the shilen barrel. this one was made by O.K.M. Inc.

does anyone know where to get somthing like this? i'm aware of the ASI, Clark, etc. custom rifle makers, but if i had $600-800 to buy guns with i'd put a down payment on a m1a. my mini will do 2'' groups at 100yards and i'm happy about that, but i'd consider puttin $100 into a heavier barrel to get 1'' moa. i got pretty excited when i found that add on brownell's website. almost cried when i saw it was discontinued.:(
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