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Here is a question I do not remember seeing here.

Why has Ruger not done anything to improve the barrel on the Mini-14?

I know there are things we can do to improve accuracy. Why not the manufacturer?
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The reason nothing has been done is simple:

The Mini is already one of the best selling centerfire carbines in the histroy of modern firearms exactly as it is. Changing a proven recipie for financial success would be...well...stupid.

However, you can also use this to your advantage.....because replacement parts are dirt cheap.

Here's a perfect example:

For about $65.00 you can by a brand new Ruger replacment barrel. And for the price of a couple of beers and a few rounds at the range, you can probably get a buddy/gunsmith to install it for you.

I only mention this because, you know, you might just want to "re-experince the inaccuracy of the OEM barrel" on your Mini one know, after you've decided to screw up and make the bullets go where you wanted by shortening the original barrel. LOL.

The barrel on your Mini is a low-cost replacement item, and in my opinion is a perfect candidate for being permanetly and completely fixed with a hacksaw, a couple of good blades, and some metal polish to dress the crown.
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