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barrel care and break-in

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I'm new to a .223 and wondering about barrel break-in and after use care of the barrel on my stainless ranch rifle. I've never really had to worry about copper fouling, as most of my stuff has all been handgun.
I have done a shoot and clean for 10 rounds, and then shoot 2 and clean for 20 rounds, and then normal shooting, with no rapid fire, and letting the barrel cool after 10 rounds, however I've read here that some of you take this alot further. I only have ~150 rounds through the weapon, so I hope that I haven't done any damage to the barrel.
Also, Is the Ruger laminated wood stock any stiffer than the birch wood stock. I would like to keep this stock, but I will give it up in the quest for accuracy. I do plan on bedding it, but want to start with a good base/stock.
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