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Barrel break-in burp....

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I confess...I goofed up, I just hope not too badly.

I have a couple of rifles that are fairly new and I haven't yet completed the full break-in routine on them. The problem is that the other day I forgot that my Mini-14 SS Ranch was one of them. I had been using a 3 shot/clean schedule on it and only had about 6 shots through it. My buddy stopped by the other day to shoot a little and I grabbed my Mini and we put two 20 roound mags through it, using 62 gr. FMJ Russian ammo (not Wolf).

How much "damage" do you think I did at this point, and is should I restart the break-in schedule or have I gone to far already to make it worth the effort?

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Stache I'd guess about 80% or better of the shooters just start shooten with no break in. You didn't damage anything. I'd just give your mini a good cleaning with a copper cleaner, and continue breakin. The purpose of the breakin is to lap the bore and smooth out, the machine marks for a little better accuracy, and to prolong fouling.
I went a bit further with my new SS ranch mini, I firelaped the bore, to smooth the bore even more, and remove a couple of tight spots. The average grouping improved 1/4". It works for me:D
Stacy, that isn't bad for a hunting rifle with factory ammo. Before I looked into laping the barrel I'd look into free floating the barrel, and bedding the stock. It is hard to make a judgement call on one group, you need at least 10ea-5shot groups to find a pattern. The first couple shots out of a cool clean bore, may be your flyers. If each group has a flyer or two, I would bed the stock, after free floating the barrel. Then if you get an inch or less, I'd leave it alone. The Rem 700 has a much smoother bore than the mini.
Just my nickle.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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