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Barrel break-in burp....

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I confess...I goofed up, I just hope not too badly.

I have a couple of rifles that are fairly new and I haven't yet completed the full break-in routine on them. The problem is that the other day I forgot that my Mini-14 SS Ranch was one of them. I had been using a 3 shot/clean schedule on it and only had about 6 shots through it. My buddy stopped by the other day to shoot a little and I grabbed my Mini and we put two 20 roound mags through it, using 62 gr. FMJ Russian ammo (not Wolf).

How much "damage" do you think I did at this point, and is should I restart the break-in schedule or have I gone to far already to make it worth the effort?

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Stache,to get all the copper out easy/fast use sweets 7.62 solvent and just start your breakin over again.Happy shooting:D
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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