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Hi everyone;

Put in a little range time yesterday and tried out some Monarch brand (Barnaul, Russia) 9x19 steel case ammo in a post war Walther P1.

First impressions - It all went bang. No misfires, no FTE or FTF, zip, nada, none. I didn't have a chrono, but the groups were all consistent with my marksmanship (p*** poor after 6 months of almost no practice) and the recoil impulse was consistent from shot to shot. No "BOOM" followed by "pop". Recoil impulse was consistent with 115gr WWB; this was noticeably lighter than the 124gr Nato loads which are a bit much for the alloy framed gun.

Cleaning up - not the cleanest ammo, but not the dirtiest either. No residue from the lacquer is left over, and the carbon residues are middle of the road. For comparison the same day I fired 50 rounds of Federal 158gr LRN through a Ruger Security Six and had way more carbon residue - that stuff is dirty!

So, while I'm not a huge fan of steel case ammo, it does work and didn't seem to cause any problems in my admittedly limited test. I won't seek it out, but in these days of the ammo drought I won't turn my nose up at it either - if I ever see it again.

Hope this helps someone,
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