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Bad or OK?

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I was just at the Range with my Mosin 91/59, was shooting some com bloc surplus ammo. I noticed the brass (about 5 of 15) had a crack or two down the neck all the way down to where the case expands, there was also a little chip missing right off of the front of the shells. I have shot mabey 5 shots out of this rifle before this, with that green steel cased stuff and it didn't crack those. Is there a problem with this rifle, or is it just the ammo? Is it unsafe to shoot like this? I would rather not blow myself up.
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Thanks, for the reply.
So you would think that there is nothing wrong with the gun then? How would it split in the chamber? Shouldn't it be nice and tight in there?
I have never had a problem like this before and it's making me pretty nervous.
Thanks Dennis, I will go get some of the steel cased stuff that my Mosin seems to prefer. You know the cases felt light to me, so I compared them to a .308 case, by feel it is lighter. I think they skimped on brass for these jobbers. I can't even use them as paperweights.
What the heck do you do with 300 live rounds that you can't use?
Oh well, at least me and the rifle are still intact. I checked the bore with a light and those little chips that broke off didn't seem to damage the rifling.
Thanks again for the help!
Thanks for all of the input guys.
I will have to locate a smith around here that can check the headspace. As being cautious is being smart with a thing like this. The bolt is from another gun, my stamp is 373, which the bolt has also been stamped albiet in different lettering, but you can see where they tried to remove an old stamp that I believe is 171.
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