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My eyes have been going down hill (be 50 in 3 mo. and diabetic). I have 181 series non-ranch Mini. I need to either scope it or trade it off. Money is tight as normal but saving up some cash. My Mini is my only centerfire semi auto I own. I use it as a pick-up gun and if scoped maybe pdogs. I have a Vangard VS in 223 and not against an other bolt but like semi-auto rapid fire. My question will a scope mount and scope be wise investment or get a bolt gun and scope.
Hi Ringo63,

Your best bet for a longer term "solution" is putting some glass on that mini. I too have problems with my eyes and have tried the Tech Sights concept on a .22 a found them of no use so I ended up selling them and putting a scope on the rifle. S&K makes a scope mount for non-ranch minis. I've never tried it so I can't answer from personal experience. Perhaps someone on this forum who has it can advise you. Since $ is a concern, you might be better off putting it into a mount/rings & scope. sounds like you might want to keep your mini if you can. Even if the Tech Sights work for you now, unfortunately you'll probably end up going to glass eventually. Here's a PU link you might find helpful...good luck!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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