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some years back i bought a hand gun that i had done some research on, I wanted a all metal piece and i wanted it to be sturdy. i wanted 2 guns buy could not afford both. I wanted a 9MM and one with more of a punch. i settled on the baby desert eagle, a gun that is called the jericho. this was a handgun that had polygonal barreling. i think hk uses that but i am by far a great expert on this. the other caliber that this would shot was called 41 ae(action express)i. i read all the mag articules about this caliber. there was debate over what was better the 41 or the 40. well it looks like i made a bad move because i can no longer find brass to reload or ammo already made. i still have a gun that is ok or fun to shot but i can not shot 41 any more. i only have 150 rounds now.CAN SOME BODY CLUE ME IN TO WHERE TO GET AMMO OR BRASS?????? this gun came with 2 barrels,one that is 9mm and a 41ae. it had 4 high cap. clips. 16-17 rounds ot the 9mm and i think about 12-13 of the 41 was very pleased the gun is super at small groups. can any body HELP ????????
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