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Auto Bolt Release, and Cleaning 10/22

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Was looking at a pict of a bolt release for a 10/22 in a popular web sight and took my bolt lock out and used a dremel tool, a file might work and it looks like a hart grind the center of the humps of hart out and give it a slight arch not much and now you have a automatic bolt release might take a couple of tries :cool: Now for cleaning strip receaver, find dead center on the back of the receaver and come up .790 and drill a hole 1/4 or bigger not to much bigger and wala now you can clean your 10/22 like a bolt rifle.The way I came up with the .790 was look down the barrel and scribe the inside of the receiver or purches the jig for $35.00 I think. Do this at YOUR OWNE RISK and be careful :cool: This is my present to all of you Have a Merry Christmas:usa: Make the first shot count because if you dont it wasnt a good shot
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This is my present to all of you Have a Merry Christmas Make the first shot count
Well thanks nimrod. That was thoughtful of ya. After I bought the volquartsen auto bolt release, I thought, I bet I could have done that!

Merry Christmas to you and your family
I've been using 30# fishing mono with a slip knot in the end it works well for me. I was wondering how you tied a knot in the weed wacker line that would fit in the bore. Melt a knot. Sounds like a good idea! :D
With the brush and rod it took me nearly 3 hrs. With only patches would take me a LONG time.
You wouldn't be using JB paste? If you used JB for 500 patches it would still come out black. The black would be your barrel steel.:eek: If so it is an abrassive. Breaking in the barrel when its new will reduce the time spent cleaning. I only use patches, and Hopies bore cleaner. It takes me about 10 min. and about 10 to 12 patches. I don't use a brush or rod in the bore. A brush is for loosening up fowling. The patches clean. I don't use a brush in a 22 as they do not have the copper fowling problem as a center fire Jacketed bullets.
I bought a Volquartsen Auto bolt release from Midway, for about $10. When I compared it with the std. bolt release it dawned on me how simple it would be to make one, after reading Nimrods post. If you have a dremmel & stone bit, or can borrow one, it is easy to make your fumbler into auto release. Just clamp into a vise, and grind out the hart shape to an oval like the bolt release on the left, like Nimrod instructed. Don't forget to wear Safety Glasses! I made one for my brother, and it works. Good luck;)


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Hey Germanguy. Yep you lock the bolt rearward as before, but to release you pull the cocking handle back with your trigger finger, and let go, just like the mini-14.

The Mini locks rearward after the last shot because of a stop on the magizine follower, catches the bolt, the 10/22 mag does not have a stop on its follower.:( The person that designs one could write his own ticket :D
P.S.: I heard it takes an incredible amount of strength to actually rip somebody's head off...
Maby, but the ole lady bit my head off last week, and didn't bat an eye. :(
Originally posted by doonnzl
Has anyone else noticed that you can now cock the rifle by banging the butt on the ground?
I haven't done the mod yet, but my 10/22 stayes cocked most of the time anyway. Main thing is for the hammer not to fall if you bang your butt on the ground! Have you had a chance to check out how your new bed job shoots yet? I waited 3 or 4 days before shooting so the bedding could cure to the hardest level.

germanguy, I ran into the same thing, then thought about drilling a hole in the end of the receiver so I could insert a cleaning rod clear thru, but decided not to as I would have to dissamble the bolt each time, and remove the barrel from the stock. Then I reasoned I really didn't need to use a brush, cause the 22 LR dosen't suffer from "Copper fouling" as my center fire rifles do. So patches is all I use.
Hey doonnzel. Thats some good shooten!;) It looks like aprox .5 inch. by our measure. Have you done a trigger job yet? It helped keep my groops more consistant.

I wish we had metric, like everyone else. The big thing I like is it is simple. Our std, is a mixture of odd measures. Now lets see a yard was the distance between the Kings nose, and the end of his middle finger, a foot was the length of the Kings foot, an inch was the length of the end of his index finger, and first knuckle, whew makes no sense to me. We tried converting, but the major companies cried it was unfair, as they would have to rebuild all their tooling. So we have to have 2 tool sets metric and Amer. std.:rolleyes:
About a 10 min kitchen table job. Here is the one I used, but you may get it cheeper at MidSouth shooter supply.
You can use empy shell cases for snap caps to check out your job. It does make a big difference.:D
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