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Auto Bolt Release, and Cleaning 10/22

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Was looking at a pict of a bolt release for a 10/22 in a popular web sight and took my bolt lock out and used a dremel tool, a file might work and it looks like a hart grind the center of the humps of hart out and give it a slight arch not much and now you have a automatic bolt release might take a couple of tries :cool: Now for cleaning strip receaver, find dead center on the back of the receaver and come up .790 and drill a hole 1/4 or bigger not to much bigger and wala now you can clean your 10/22 like a bolt rifle.The way I came up with the .790 was look down the barrel and scribe the inside of the receiver or purches the jig for $35.00 I think. Do this at YOUR OWNE RISK and be careful :cool: This is my present to all of you Have a Merry Christmas:usa: Make the first shot count because if you dont it wasnt a good shot
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Hi Cajungeo!

I guess by grinding it out yourself, you just beat me as the "King of cheap"... Since I haven't received my auto bolt release yet, there's a question I have about that. Can the action still be locked in the open position, so that the Rangemaster doesn't stick his boot up my behind and rip my head off? Also, I've heard that the Minis actually lock their actions open after the last round of the magazine being fired. Is it possible to do that with the 10/22? Hope I don't sound too stupid asking these questions...

TheGermanGuy :sniper:

P.S.: I heard it takes an incredible amount of strength to actually rip somebody's head off...
Well, who needs a head? From what I hear, that's not the body part we think with anyways, right? :D

TheGermanGuy :sniper:
Hey, I use old flyfishing line to clean my bore, works great. Slipknot at the end, just big enough so you can get your patch in and the other end fishes very easily down the bore to where you can pull the patch from the action through the barrel. Works really sweet. If you were to take your cleaning rod apart, you could cut off the threaded end, leave enough "meat" so you can drill a small hole through it and you could use all your cleaning attachments with this kinda setup. Simply tie a piece of flyfishing line to your threaded custom piece and you're ready to go.

TheGermanGuy :sniper:
Hey Doonzl!

I only have a cheapo Butler Creek composite stock, but I just can't bring myself to "bang" the butt on the ground. I'm afraid she might get hurt and not speak to me anymore.... :D

To my idea of cutting your cleaning rod up and use the end piece of it to attach your accessories. I did it. Works great. Pull it through the barrel with some fishing line, works like a charm. has one downside though. If you attach your accessories, you have to take the action out to fit your cleaning assembly in. I can take a picture of it all if anybody is interested. Well, because of this, I just made up two pieces of fishing line. One that holds the cleaning rod, and one that I only pull cleaning patches with.

Oh well, thought this might be of interest.

TheGermanGuy :sniper:
You can definitely do that yourself. It's all drop-in parts. You can do just he Hammer for about 30 Bucks, Match Hammer and Sear are gonna run you around 50 Bucks.

Have fun!!

TheGermanGuy :sniper:
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