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Auto Bolt Release, and Cleaning 10/22

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Was looking at a pict of a bolt release for a 10/22 in a popular web sight and took my bolt lock out and used a dremel tool, a file might work and it looks like a hart grind the center of the humps of hart out and give it a slight arch not much and now you have a automatic bolt release might take a couple of tries :cool: Now for cleaning strip receaver, find dead center on the back of the receaver and come up .790 and drill a hole 1/4 or bigger not to much bigger and wala now you can clean your 10/22 like a bolt rifle.The way I came up with the .790 was look down the barrel and scribe the inside of the receiver or purches the jig for $35.00 I think. Do this at YOUR OWNE RISK and be careful :cool: This is my present to all of you Have a Merry Christmas:usa: Make the first shot count because if you dont it wasnt a good shot
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Coyote I am new to this board and do not know about a post to clean using a weed wacker line. I have been using the aluminum rod and though it can be annoying every time I bump the crown on the way in (Which is not too often) A better way is good to know. Thanks a bunch.
Only problem is that how many patches does that take? When I go plinking I put nearly an entire brick through my 10/22 and cleaning it takes forever with a brush. Think how long it would take with only patches. With the brush and rod it took me nearly 3 hrs. With only patches would take me a LONG time. Curiousity speaking would it be better to possibly sand down the edges on the cleaning rod so it does not impact but only glide along the edge of the crown? Better question is there another rod method that does not use an aluminum rod?
Never used JB paste just hoppes #9 and a brass brush. I shoot the remington Golden bullets mostly. Once in a while I procrastinate and clean it a few days later. I know that could partially be the problem but still all that carbon should not come out after only a few patches. I was taught to clean until the brush comes out clean and the barrel looks glimmery on the inside. Not blinding bright but fairly shiny. No matter how many brushings it takes. Trust me no loss of accuracy here yet. I will inform if something goes haywire. Plus you gotta clean the action too. After a brick it is the ugliest looking dark mess in there.
I have a friend who has shot thousands of rounds through his 10/22 and always used brushes to clean out the worst of it. He is a partial clean fanatic. He has his bores looking nearly blinding after every cleaning. Yet no drop in accuracy and he uses the golden bullets also. I will try some new types of ammo (next time might be a while) and report back. Sorry I forgot to post this on the last thread.
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