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Auto Bolt Release, and Cleaning 10/22

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Was looking at a pict of a bolt release for a 10/22 in a popular web sight and took my bolt lock out and used a dremel tool, a file might work and it looks like a hart grind the center of the humps of hart out and give it a slight arch not much and now you have a automatic bolt release might take a couple of tries :cool: Now for cleaning strip receaver, find dead center on the back of the receaver and come up .790 and drill a hole 1/4 or bigger not to much bigger and wala now you can clean your 10/22 like a bolt rifle.The way I came up with the .790 was look down the barrel and scribe the inside of the receiver or purches the jig for $35.00 I think. Do this at YOUR OWNE RISK and be careful :cool: This is my present to all of you Have a Merry Christmas:usa: Make the first shot count because if you dont it wasnt a good shot
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take some #30 weed wacker line get a sodderless electrical conector and crinp it on presto :D keep it in the x ring PS ordered a Kimber 82 goverment because I couldnt find a Winchester 52 B waited a month + and 3 days after getting the Kimber guess what ? the 1942 winchester punches 5 shots and under a 1/4 in hole at 50yds with the cheap remington big 5 ammo havent realy played with the Kimber yet. Sorry for the off 10/22 topic but I had to tell yu :D :D :usa: and another PS the terrorst are after US so keep your eys open God Bless
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