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Auto Bolt Release, and Cleaning 10/22

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Was looking at a pict of a bolt release for a 10/22 in a popular web sight and took my bolt lock out and used a dremel tool, a file might work and it looks like a hart grind the center of the humps of hart out and give it a slight arch not much and now you have a automatic bolt release might take a couple of tries :cool: Now for cleaning strip receaver, find dead center on the back of the receaver and come up .790 and drill a hole 1/4 or bigger not to much bigger and wala now you can clean your 10/22 like a bolt rifle.The way I came up with the .790 was look down the barrel and scribe the inside of the receiver or purches the jig for $35.00 I think. Do this at YOUR OWNE RISK and be careful :cool: This is my present to all of you Have a Merry Christmas:usa: Make the first shot count because if you dont it wasnt a good shot
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Nimrod: Good idea on both. I did the auto release some time ago and if I can do it, anyone can. 4 left paws ya know. Was going to try to do the hole in the bolt and then decided not to, again because of 4 left paws. Also because I take out the bolt when cleaning the weapon each time anyhow. Along with cleaning your barrel remember to use the weed whacker line and do not use the alum. or steel rods. :p
Just take heavy weed whacker line, cut one end with a taper to insert through a cleaning patch and on the other end-melt the end to a small ball that will hold the cleaning patch. I have not used a cleaning rod, just because of the damage you can do to the crown of the barrel in years. In fact if you use a bore snake you should remove the stiff brush part of that items. You will find that with today's chemicals and a cleaning patch........most fowling will be removed. BOY.......if that crown is damaged...there goes the point of aim...point of impact accuracy.
You have me there. I shoot at least a brick each time I go out. Wolf Target ammo. I put one to two patches through the barrel and usually the second one come out clean. No fowling problems at all. You can look down the barrel after cleaning and the lans and grooves are very sharp and clean.

So I guess I am confused as why your's is so hard to clean?????
Just had a thought...dangerous for me.....but make sure your not taking metal out of your barrel. If your accuracy goes may be cleaning too much and removing the barrel metal itself....
Has anyone else noticed that you can now cock the rifle by banging the butt on the ground?

I think you did something wrong. I have done 3 10/22 and none of them will cock that way. You have a unsafe gun..........fix it....:confused:
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