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Let's do it again!

Time for another shooting fest (4th, 5th?). Got my Garand in and just bought some ammo.

We had a good turn out last time, you can see some pics at Memorial Day shoot pics

WHO: everyone interested in shooting. Feel free to bring a friend. We are mainly AR-15 guys, but our interests extend beyond. Pistols are allowed on the 100 yard Barnes range, you just must make sure the rounds land in the berm.

WHAT: a day at the range. We'll have the Army Qualification shoot available, standard paper targets and plastic lollipops

WHEN: noon on Saturday, August 12th.

WHERE: Marriotsville Range, 100 yard Barnes go to Monumental Directions for directions

WHY: Why not? Let's waste some ammo! Try out other weapons! Test your skill at the Army Qualification test. Check out different rifles, calibers and scopes. BS with fellow MD gun owners

Rain Date: There is none. This event will take place rain or shine. The range has covered shooting positions, and as Forest says "raining means better training".

There are restrooms and a soda machine at the range. Club members will be supplying the target stands for each shooting station.

What to bring: bring any rifle or pistol you like, and I'd bring 200~400 rounds of ammo, depending on your shooting style. (hate running out of ammo)

RSVP: Please drop me an email letting me know if you plan on attending.

Email with any questions.


[email protected]
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