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Thanks for the heads up. I have composed this letter to send to my representatives/senators. If anyone else feels similar moved to irritate your elected officials, feel free to use this as worded or modified to suit you.


I am writing to you concerning the proposed bill, HR 124, or "The Handgun Licensing and Registration Act of 2003." I feel that this bill should not be passed for several reasons, primarily due to its ineffectiveness. A registration of gun owners serves no purpose, as those who intend to use their weapons for criminal activity are simply not going to license their hand guns. Effectively, this is simply more beaurocratic red tape that the legal gun owner must endure for no purpose.

Similar laws in other countries, such as Canada, have had no effect on crime and have been an enormous cost to the government. Compliance rates hover at around 25%, turning ordinary law abiding citizens into criminals because they rightfully fear that a registration system could easily be used as a confiscation system. Canada had originally assumed a cost of $85 million dollars, but has already spent over $600 million, with projections of the cost running over $1 billion dollars. It would seem that $1 billion dollars invested in our law enforcement community would provide significantly more benefits than a requirement to register hand guns.

In addition, this bill is an affront to state's rights, taking the decision of how to handle firearm ownership within their boundaries out of their hands. Article 1, section 8 of the US constitution defines what is within congress's power to legislate, and this bill does not meet any of the requirements, meaning it should be left to the state's discretion.

Thank you,

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Thanks for letting this stay here, and thanks for doing what you can.
My Rep believe or not, is a pro-gun guy and has been this dist's Rep
for a long time. I live in one of the nastiest states there is when
it comes to weapons. Comrade Davis and his minions have made sure
of that..What's worse, I thought we had a chance with Bill Simon for
Gov, but Davis and his campaign machine pulled out all the stops.

Our state has the WORSE budget shortfall of ANY state in the union.
35,000,000,000.00 !! Yep that's billion.

Now the majority who run the Assembly and Senate want to TRIPLE the
car-license fees to try and get some money back. What was a $55.00 fee
will now rise to $170.00 !!, PLUS Davis wants and is going to cut
25,000,000.00 out of the current budget and programs..Sorry for the
vent. You folks don't need to hear it, but when the Demos say they
can do a better job with the Natl economy, ask them if their so
good at it, why is the Republic of Corruptfornia so broke ???? Oh
yeah, I forgot to add, we welcome llegal invaders, opps I meant
aliens. Davis says "Just remember us Demos every four yrs around
the Nov.5th. Other than that welcome to a free ride!!"
Jeez.. :confused:

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Raised in Texas, can't say I know when the train wreck started in California. I did live there, Palmdale/Lancaster area, and worked for Lockheed in the early 70's.

Pay was good, liked my work and co-workers, then about six months into it state law began to force everyone to go union.
That was it for me, worked to the deadline date then resigned.

Unions helped change this country for the better in the old days, now IMO, it's going the other way.

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bg. I moved from Colorado to Calif in early 90's I paid a $300 impact fee, plus $585 license fee, plus $75 to pass the smog check or total of $960 for license plates. They were sued, and I collected $465 for discrimenation. When I moved from Calif to Louisiana, Louisiana wanted to Charge me $800 in vehicle sales tax even though my vehicle was payed for, and I had a receipt for the sales tax. The DMV said, boy you ain't payed us yet! Ya can't sue these good ole boys!
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