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Hi folks. My daughter's gift of ATI for Christmas really changes the character of my mini. It finally fits me for snap shooting. I can throw it up to a perfect cheek weld and my crosshairs are dead center in my eye with full view in the scope. I will probably not go back to the red dot, but it works great too. My eyes are just too inconsistent for enjoyable shooting without magnification anymore.

Okay, first things first. To get the cheek weld perfect for me, I used the iron sight adaptor, upside down to raise the buttstock instead of lower it. I also raised the cheek piece all the way up. After the newness wears off, I will drill new adjustment holes for the cheek piece to accomplish the same thing and give me a super short option for indoors once the adjustment piece is removed for good.

I am able to extend the stock and use the tube (buffer tube, sortof) as a cheekweld for iron sights. So I do have the best of both now, even though iron sight usage will probably be minimal. It will be a backup plan.

In this configuration, my nose sits so close to the hinge button I was honestly wondering if it would hit upon recoil. It's that close. But guess more recoil! The barrel more in line with the buttstock ala ar15 has eliminated all muzzle lift, leaving me with a carbine that shoots like a really loud .22! Very pleased with the shootability of this setup. It does have the scorpion recoil pad on the butt...not that it needs it, but it is quite soft.

I will have to do some accuracy testing later, as I have a dying old dog here that needs quiet for a few days until we take him to the vet one last time. He's a great old guy and worth the sacrifice. Preliminary results, though were a very simple 5 shot sight-in at 50 yards and a few shots just for kicks. All of this was off a bipod, so no real accuracy testing took place. The feel is great though and I know enough about it to say it finally fits me perfectly, with adjustability for heavy clothing too. I see no indication of reduced accuracy, after the ease of sight-in from complete diassembly to first shot on bullseye. I had the scope on something else, so this was a sight-in from scratch.

The stock is rock solid. The buttstock is typical m4, tiny play. I used electrical tape shims to remove that. The hinge is completely wiggle free, if a touch difficult to release..not that i care. It is not the feature i cared about the most anyway. The rifle fits in a mandolin gig-bag for transport when folded. Rapid folding/unfolding is an extremely remote necessity.

God Bless!

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