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arisaka question?

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I just bought a type99 arisaka and had a question. When the bolt is in the rifle locked after pulling the trigger. There is a little back and forth movement of the bolt. If you "cock it" Like then the gun is ready to fire all the play is gone. (Im thinking its the spring pressure on the lug). You pull the trigger and the play is back. Im talking a few thousandths probably less than .010 play. This is without a bullet in the chamber, I cant check with a round in the chamber because I dont have any ammo for it right now.
Im sure I will be told to take it to a gun smith to have it headspace, which I probably will if I ever decide to shoot the thing. But for now, Im just trying to see if this is normal on a arisaka. Thanks.jim
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I have one in the gun safe upstairs. Let me check.
There is a little play in mine as you described. And yes it disappears when cocked. I have never shot the thing, never inspired me to give it a try. Not like my Nagants.
Mine is complete with all the parts and pieces with a nice bore. I bought it back in the early 90's when I lived in New Mexico. Enjoy shooting it.
Except for the cut off part, your stock looks kinda of nice. Good job.
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