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ar-15 which one ?

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With so many ar-15 rifles out there,I am leaning towards the bushmaster. Only which one 16inch or 20. and does it make any reason to install a muzzle brake or do you really need one? Any ideas ? singleside:usa: :usa: :rapid:
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I have been looking at ar-15s for a while learning what I can. Got a really good deal on a bushmaster ar-15 16 inch barrel with an ak-74 muzzle brake simular to the one I use on my mini 14. Will try it out some time next week.Had a m-16 in 1972 made by colt worked good only problem was with a few bad mags.Keep your weapon clean, you my have to depend on it one day. Its all about freedom.:usa: :ar15:
I have not taken possession of bushmaster yet. some excuse about beening held up in the shop for the muzzle brake ak-74. I might get it soon I hope. Now using the mini 30 seems like the gun smithing I designed works as the one I would count on when the targets present them selfs. Its all about freedom from tyranny. Check out on line . singleside out.
Well,the bushmaster arrived today put a box of ammo through it very nice rifle. The 16 inch barrel with the ak-74 muzzle brake is just what I wanted and glad I did some research. This model is an a3. since you can remove the front sight and add a low profile scope. I think the best thing would be to explore different systems. :usa: :ar15:
I used to buy firearms that were pre-owned, but I now buy new in the box even if it cost a little bit more it is worth it to me. This bushmaster was well worth the price. That is not to say I would not buy a .22 or any other firearm used but when it comes to something like a mini 14 or ar -15 why not get nib.:usa: :ar15: singleside out
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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