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AR-15 USGI's in a Mini-14?

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Being new to the forum, I apologize if this topic has been beat to death in the past, but I did do a search and didn't see any matches.

Can AR mag's be converted to function in Mini-14's? I have a very old Ramline dually that does work in both, but it is plastic and the springs are shot. I suppose that if it was an easy task, there would be plenty for sale on the various forums.

Just though I'd ask.

Richard in Flagstaff
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The smith in the AGI Armorer's Video says that the mags can be modified to fit Mini's. Of course, he didn't elaborate. He seemed to say that the more rearward aspect of Mini mag feed lips is the key; the rest is cut away. I guess that you could make a few major incisions, bend a tabs over at the front (to keep the follower in the mag), and drill a post-hole in the front. It would be skeletal, but it might work.

Probably need to switch followers over to a Ruger-type though.

I'll check the video again. The guy works for Lassen Community College (gunsmith accredidation program), so it might be possible to email him for tips?

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