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AR-15 USGI's in a Mini-14?

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Being new to the forum, I apologize if this topic has been beat to death in the past, but I did do a search and didn't see any matches.

Can AR mag's be converted to function in Mini-14's? I have a very old Ramline dually that does work in both, but it is plastic and the springs are shot. I suppose that if it was an easy task, there would be plenty for sale on the various forums.

Just though I'd ask.

Richard in Flagstaff
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Yeah, it's been looked at. Several months ago we had a thread going on just that idea. Don't think it will work though. We took some measurments, the AR mag is just too big to even come close to fitting. I think we figured it would require some serious receiver modification. But hey, if you can figure it out, more power to you!
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