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I am new to this forum and a new owner of an AR-15. I recently purchased this rifle with a stag lower and what I thought to be a Colt upper. I know the previous lower used to be a full auto but has since been disposed of at least that is what i was told by the previous owner. The upper has the letter M stamped on the front of the rail behind the bevel that is used to remove the handguard. Also there is a BOM then a diamond and the number 2 on the front sights. I am unsure what kind of upper this is and need some help to find out. Anyone have any info? Please excuse my lack of ar15 terminology.


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Well I've tried to look up to see what manufacturer makes this one but having some trouble. I believe it's a Colt but that's just based off of what I was told. Either way I feel like I got a decent deal just trying to get some info. Anyone else's input is very welcomed! Thanks for the help.

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Maybe this will help:
Upper receiver forge markings:

Offset Square is: Brass Aluminum Forging
LMT is: No Forge Marks, but marked LMT or L is: LMT
AF is: Alcoa Forge
C AF is: Colt Alco Forge
A (splintered) = Anchor Harvey Aluminum
C MB is: Colt / Mueller Brass
Cardinal’s head (stylized bird head) is: Cardinal Forge
CH is: Colt Harvey Aluminum
Crosshairs w/"AR" is: ArmaLite
CK is: Colt / Kaiser Aluminum
CM is: Colt / Martin Marietta
D (stylized) is: Diemaco
DK is: Diemaco / Kaiser Aluminum
E is: Emco
EK is: EMCO/Kaiser
E MB is: EMCO/Mueller Brass
FA is: FNMI / Anchor Harvey
FK is: FNMI / Kaiser Aluminum
FM is: FN/Martin Marietta
FMB is: FNMI / Mueller Brass
LK is: LAR / Kaiser Aluminum
LM is: LAR / Martin Marietta
M "diamond" is: Mueller Industries
PA is: Capco / Anchor Harvey
PM is: Capco / Martin Marietta
Square (symbol) is: Brass Aluminum

M-16 markings:

CAF Colt / Alcoa Forge
CH Colt / Harvey Aluminum (1st Colt Forgings)
CM Colt / Martin Marietta
DK Diemaco / Kaiser
FK, FS, BK, DK, EK, FK, AF, CW, AA, FS Bushmaster
LK FN / Kaiser
LM LAR / Martin Marietta (Army Spares Contract)
“Splintered A” F: FNMI Anchor Harvey“Splintered A” F: FNMI Anchor Harvey
“Splintered A” C: Colt Anchor Harvey
Splintered A Olympic Arms? (Anchor Harvey)

My list of verified upper receiver forge markings used by AR-15 upper manufactuers/sellers

DSA - Cardinal forge
Rock River - Cardinal forge
Delton - Cerro forge, square
DPMS - Cerro
Spikes Tactical - Cerro
Stag - Cardinal, Cerro
LWRC- splintered A
Para USA - ZM
Knight’s Armament - Cerro (keyhole)
Wilson Combat - splintered A
Double Star - Cerro
Smith &Wesson - Cerro
Daniel Defense - Cerro
Sabre Defense - Cerro?
Remington - Cerro
BCM - Cerro, square
Bushmaster - Cerro
Stag - splintered A, Cardinal
J&T Distributing (Doublestar) - Cerro, C
CMMG - Cerro
Colt M4 - Cerro (C keyhole), square, Cardinal (“C“ bird‘s head), C AF

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Hey thanks for the info. Mine has the m so I'm thinking mueller. It seems to be a pretty solid upper. I guess that's all that matters. The lower is a stag maybe eventually try and match it up but stag is a 1 year back order right now.

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Remember that Mueller is just the company that forged the receiver. You would have to figure out who buys there receivers from Mueller to know what brand of upper you have. Not many rifle manufacturers actually forge their own receivers.
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