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Folding stock adapter for an AR 15 that allows user to fire rifle repeatedly while stock is folded.

Full transparency, I know the owner of the company, Dead Foot Arms (DFA).

This is a startup company with a product that I believe fits a whole in the AR15 market. Closest competition is a folding stock adapter kit that allows user to shoot only one round while stock is folded (Law Tactical). Next closest competition is a kit that offers retractable stock and allows user to repeatedly fire rifle when stock is fully collapsed (Troy Defense).

DFA's folding stock adapter kit /modified cycle system is shorter than both though, with the legal minimum length of 26.5 inches. Unlike competition, user can fire when stock is either folded or fully deployed. Unlike competition, this is a folding stock as opposed to a retractable one.

Pre-orders have begun and I am interested in hearing feedback from your community on the level of interest, along with thoughts, questions, insights, etc.

Website below with an associated video of the working part.

Thanks for letting me post, I believe I am in accordance with the rules. If not, feel free to let me know:rolleyes::)

Thanks for the feedback in advance, look forward to the dialogue!

Video link:


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