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:lol:Had one once-be danged if I can remember where it went!Must have been too much whiskey under the bridge!Anyway what i can remember is that it cost me about 650-out the door,did as I always did and fired a box of factory stuff thru it for warrantee stuff-no ftf's and plenty accurate for a pencil barrel!This was a 16charlie that has the foldable but shootable anyway rear stock.I continued to fire about 3 more boxes of home rolled stuff with no ftfs and accuracy improved.Got it to about 1-1&1/4 " at 100 and left it alone!I put on a cheapy chinesey scope 2x6p and that completed the dressup.Very light and stowable in a backpack,and with a two point neckstrap type sling quite carryable and pointable.The folding bypod front stock is to me a bit of a joke,and the rear folding stock was too flexable to be used under "severe" conditions.It did not like the ss109 62 grain gi ammo(but then my m4orgery did not like it either) and both have the 16 inch barrels.I thought it was more difficult to break down and clean than necessary-or maybe I just did it wrong.Found out that birchwood casey spray stuff works,and "canned air" for computors without complete breakdown of action.Not a bad firearm-just not a combat arm.For hiking and camping and truck gun-it seems adequate!....Now where the he!! did I put it?:blink:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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