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Anyone seen the new Kel Tec .223?

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Has anyone seen the .223 that Kel Tec is making. I saw an ad in the new Law Enforcement Weapons issue. Went to there web site and I couldn't find it.
Also anyone heard about the .17 rim fire that Aguila Ammunition is supposed to make? It's on their web site and Shooting Times did a piece on it over a year ago, but I've seen nothing since. It's based on the .22 lomg rifle, so it would work in a regular 10-22 with a barrel swap.
I hate it when they advertise stuff and it's not even on the market.
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I hope it's easier to to field strip than the sub 2000 I have. The Sub 2000 has to be one of the hardest firearms there is to access the hammer,trigger,sear and reassemble bar none. It looks like their new rifle will be far better in this area. If dealers can peddle it for $425.00 it might sell anything more and people will go with an AR or AK.
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