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Anyone seen the new Kel Tec .223?

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Has anyone seen the .223 that Kel Tec is making. I saw an ad in the new Law Enforcement Weapons issue. Went to there web site and I couldn't find it.
Also anyone heard about the .17 rim fire that Aguila Ammunition is supposed to make? It's on their web site and Shooting Times did a piece on it over a year ago, but I've seen nothing since. It's based on the .22 lomg rifle, so it would work in a regular 10-22 with a barrel swap.
I hate it when they advertise stuff and it's not even on the market.
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Yes, I've been on their website and their rifle looks pretty interesting. I live in Canada and emailed them about if they would export but havent heard anything back yet. One thing I am wondering is what "category" the su-16 would fall under with respects to Canadian law. If its the same as the mini (unrestricted) than i would be totally interested. Our "restricted weapons"(ie handguns, semi-auto assault's) can only be fired at a liscenced range. The SU-16 would probably be alot more accurate from factory than the mini(have one) and I already have a wack of magazines for the M-16/AR-15 from my military days.
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