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Ive read some on the DPMS and claim to have a good one,
has onyone heard anything or own one?

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I've heard only good things about DPMS. When I went to build up an Oly Arms lower a few years ago, I used the DPMS small parts kit (trigger, etc.) and it was much better than the Oly kit I had used in a previous rifle I built.

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olympic sucks in the quality control dept. dpms has problems to like very fussy with wolf (won't cycle corectly)and the mag well is to tight . if you are going to spend the money build from the ground up like a diamond lower from brownells and a good upper like something national match .

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I picked up a used (mint condition) Panther Bull Classic, for a song and a dance (I suck at both). The only mod I made was changing to a .040 and .030 rear app. This rifle consistantly knocks down bowling pins (real ones) at 200 yards. I am also a newbie with the AR-15.


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Heard nothing but good things on this end. I have a few parts in one of mine that I shoot on a regular basis.


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Well, that's what's 2002 Limited Edition Group Purchase rifle is coming from.... DPMS

Here's a pic:

Rifle Specifications:

Upper Receiver: Forged 7075T6, 'A2' configuration, NM Rear Sight (1/4 Min. Windage/ 1/2 Min Elev.)"

Lower Receiver: Forged 7075T6, Includes laser engraved Ltd Edition AR15.COM numbers, McFarland 1 piece gas ring

Safety Switch: Milspec standard

Takedown pins: Milspec pushpins front and rear for easy, no tool takedown

Front sight: cast, NM

Rear sight: National Match Rear Sight (1/4 Min. Windage/ 1/2 Min Elev.)

Barrel: 20" Stainless Steel, sandblasted finish

Rifling: Right hand twist, 1 turn in 8"

Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO M16 chamber

Handguards: Milspec standard

Finish: hard coat anodized with Black T Coat

Stock: Standard A2

Grip: Standard A2

Bolt Carrier: Hard Chrome plated

Magazine: (2) Postban 10 round magazine

Overall length: 38.25"

Weight w/out handle: 9.25 lbs approx.

Warranty: 3 years

Price: 739 plus shipping (and what ever transfer fees your FFL has)

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I've been very pleased with my DPMS preban lower rifle. :D
I've also been pleased with my PWA preban. :D

Wolf ammo on the other hand...:mad: :mad: :mad:
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